Friday, 6 November 2015

Edward Scissorhands Film Review


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  1. Hi Lilly!

    Interesting review - well done :)

    So, a couple of pointers for the next one...
    Always put your film titles in italics; this is particularly important when the title is also a name, as it is in this case. It just makes it clearer for the reader when you are talking about the character, and when you are talking about the film. The first time you mention a film, you should put it's year of production in brackets after the name; after the first mention, you don't need to do it again.
    The reference after the quote should consist of the author's surname, and the year the quote was made, both in brackets; so for example, (Travers, 2014).

    You need to label your images, and you can give them a brief caption too if you like (although that is not compulsory). So, you could have for example,

    Figure 1, Street with pastel-coloured houses.

    You can then refer to the image directly, within your text. So,
    'Each house is the same with the same layout and style, the only difference being the pale pastel colours of each house, as seen in Fig. 1'
    You will then need to reference the images in an illustrations list, which should come after your bibliography. At the moment, there are some elements missing from your bibliography, so have another look at the referencing guide to show you what you need to include (and how to compile the illustrations list) -

    Looking forward to reading your next review :)