Sunday, 13 September 2015

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  1. Hey Lilly :) I’m Vikki, i’ll be your mentor this year to help you get started at uca! I am a recent graduate, so I can give you some advice and words of wisdom that i’ve learnt over the years on the course :)

    You’ve been posting some great work already, loving your flamingo designs and the scissory eiffel tower is very creative!

    A bit of advice for your blog - It’s really good to go for large images as you have already, but some are overlapping your blogs main body a bit - to fix that:

    Click ‘Template’ from the dropdown menu with the little paper icon on it - Then ‘customise’ --> ’adjust widths’, then you can move the sliders around to give things a little more room.

    I’ve had a little look at your first brief which is similar to my first project I had also. It sounds like it will be lots of fun :) I’ll check in again later to help you get started.

    If you’d like to contact me you can email me anytime at or leave a message on my blog :)


Good luck!